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August 11, 2009

We would love to hear from you all. Comments and advice are much appreciated. We may be having a ‘low key’ wedding but there is still so much to organize!




  1. Sounds like an awesome night is in the works! Can’t wait 🙂

  2. ’bout damn time, my boy!! We’re all jazzed and ready to go. In fact, I’m going to Vegas in a couple of weeks just to get warmed up for your wedding!!

    Love you
    Uncle Eddie

  3. love the blog, jue is already picking her menu, want’s to know can she have all of it and have they got bud, getting all excited, you two have worked very hard for this and it will be a awesome day,

  4. I thought this day would never come–Gabe, remember when I told you never say never.

    Love the FUN ONE

  5. Great job it looks great…..I new you were a woman of great taste, just look at the groom!!! (my baby boy)
    Love you both

  6. cant wait for the big day it will be great you are made for each ather xxx you both unc/slyvia.

  7. We love this website setup and even more we love your pictures!!! You’re just too happy!! We hope everything goes smoothly and stays fun.
    We have saved the date and truly look forward to being part of the wonderful event.

    Doc & Becky

  8. Gabe and Shell, So love this site. Keep up the blog. You know your Dad and I will be there!!!!!!!!!! Love you both

  9. I love the new addition to the blog, the little chapel of the west is a perfect spot, peaceful and quaint, I think I’ll get married there next time…..NOT!!!!!
    Can’t wait for Oct 17th
    Love you both

  10. I love the blog! You two are too cute! I can’t wait for your perfect day!!


  11. Congrats on the wedding date and thanks for sending me the blog link. I remeber a many of Sundays watching the McNair led Titans destroy those Broncos at Big Dogs and many similar facilities. We are going to see what we can work out with the kids and try to make it out for the big day.

  12. Will there be to go containers available?

  13. 4 months to go till we see you, can’t wait, soooooooooo excited , love and miss you every second of every day

  14. I’m going to give you the same advise as you wrote in our guestbook, Gabe.
    “Yada Yada Yada, Blah Blah Blah, Don’t have any kids”
    Words of wisdom, I know.
    We love you guys and are so happy for you both!

  15. WOW, you two are almost hitched!!! I am so excited for you guys… can’t wait! xoxo

  16. 3 weeks tomorrow and your mom will be with you, love you miss you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx watch out gabe
    mother in law is coming to town

  17. 3 weeks to go for a great couple can not wait xunc

  18. 8 days to go , hope gabe is keeping you grounded till the big day, no jumping fences
    love you both xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. two days to go till we see you both, love and miss you millions

  20. See you later this afternoon… THE BIG DAY IS HERE!!!

  21. Hope you both had a fab day, you were in our thoughts, hope the old man behaved himself, best wishes xx

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